1. go fuck yourself twilight.

    go fuck yourself twilight.


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    Guys. I don’t think this is a joke. ಠ_ಠ
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    In all honesty. If catching young peoples eye with familiar images to get them to read classic lit that is 1000 times...
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    haaahahahah Bella and Edward’s favourite book hahahaha
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    URGH WHY OH WHY Need to rant more about this haha, love how Meyer takes her opportunity in Twilight to have a nice...
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    Hey kudos to whoever thought of this. Because if it gets teenagers to read quality literature? I’m down for it. Think of...
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    Oh, god. I see these in my local book store. It’s painful.
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    Oh lord. Well I hope this gets kids (read: tween girls) reading actual books instead of the tripe that is Twilight.
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    I work at Barnes & Noble. They’ve had these covers for a year now.
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    Somebody please tell me this is a sick, cruel joke and they are not really going to ruin these works of art by covering...
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